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Breaking the cycle

Fulfilling a dream of providing livable wages is the driving mission behind Siller Preferred Services. Growing up in South Texas with her six siblings, founder Christina Paz watched her mother, a migrant worker, struggle to pay her monthly bills while single-handedly raising her children. Social services and government assistance were no match for a steady, livable income. From that early time in her life, Christina was determined to do what she could to break the cycle of poverty and provide stability for people like her mother.

After several years of working in the employment industry, Christina opened up her own employment agency in 2014. Now a mom of three herself, Christina uses her passion to fuel continued excellence in making the right employment connections for both businesses and individual workers. Today, Siller Preferred Services provides over 200 individuals throughout Austin and New Jersey with livable wages while continuing to expand and give more back to the community.

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